Geographical Areas


Here is the description of different geographical areas used in this website.

Continent Country Region (original language) Region (English) Locality (original language) Locality (English)  
America USA States States Counties Counties  
America Canada Provinces Provinces Regional Municipalities Regional Municipalities  
America Argentina Regiones Regions Provincias Provinces  
Asia India States and Union territories States and Union territories      
Asia Japan Regions Regions Todofuken Prefectures, Metropoly, Territory and Urban Prefecture  
Europe Italy Regioni Region Province Province  
Europe Spain Comunidad Autonoma Autonomous Region Provincia Province  
Europe Austria Bundesland States Bezirke and Statutarstädte Political districts and Statutory cities  
Europe Belgium Région Region Provincies Provinces  
Europe Denmark Counties Counties      
Europe France Region Region Départements Department  
Europe Germany Lander States Regierungsbezirke Administrative Districts  
Europe Hungary Megyék, Föváros and Megyei jogu város Counties, Capital City and Urban Counties      
Europe Ireland Regional Authorities Regional Authorities Counties Counties  
Europe Luxemburg Districts Districts Cantons Cantons  
Europe Netherlands Provincies Provinces      
Europe Norway Fylker Counties      
Europe Poland Wojewodztwa Voivodships Powiaty, Miasta na prawach powiatu Counties, Cities of county right  
Europe Serbia Regions Regions      
Europe Slovenia Opčine Communes (pre 1998)      
Europe Sweden Län Counties Kommuner Municipalities  
Europe Swtizerland Regions Regions Cantons Cantons  
Europe UK Regions Regions Counties Counties  
Oceania Australia States and Territories States and Territories      
Oceania New Zealand Regional Councils (pre 1992) Regional Councils (pre 1992)      

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